About Me:

I love technology, both past and present. I'm fascinated with the way people use objects, be they cellphones or ancient ceramics, disposable cameras or generations old stone artefacts. I am constantly intrigued by the way people approach tools, and how they're used. It doesn't matter if something is 3,000 years old or three months, the interactions of people and items are essentially the same.

Presently, I am a freelance writer, with work appearing regularly
Everything iCafe, for iPhone related news, and on io9, focussed on scientific breakthroughs, and the occasional bit of pop-culture.

Previously, I was Managing Editor at
DigitalCameraInfo.com, a site devoted to in-depth, unbiased camera reviews, as well as writing summary reviews for the sister sites of Reviewed.com and reviews.washingtonpost.com.

I've had work published in Technology Review, the Sydney Morning Herald, the Melbourne Age, The Dominion Post, and the Christchurch Press on a freelance basis. I also ran a weekly video game review column for two years at the New Zealand student magazine,
Critic — Te Arohi.

I've received a Masters of Arts (with distinction) in Anthropology, and a Combined Bachelor of Arts with Honours (First Class) in Anthropology and Politics, both from the University of Otago in New Zealand. I specialised in archaeology, specifically the material culture of pre-historic Southeast Asia.

In addition to traveling in Europe and Asia, I've lived in South Africa, New Zealand and America at various points of my life, which means that while I have an interestingly international view of most subjects, I spend far too much time switching between different spelling conventions.